Hi! I'm Holly Berry. Let me introduce myself properly.

I live next door to Father Christmas and grow pot grown Christmas trees in my garden. I live with my Mum and care passionately about the environment and love hanging out with my next door neighbour, Father Christmas.

My pet Spaniel, Digger, digs the holes in which I plant the potted saplings and I spend all year tending to them. After Halloween, when the clocks go back, I get into the greenhouse with my trees, catch the wind and float all the way down to the UK where I usually arrive for early December.

I look forward to creating a Christmas tradition with you, for to start off the festive season with a small tree for a child to decorate and care for themselves, is a magical annual affair.

Molly Mistletoe

My best friend is Molly Mistletoe. She makes all the Christmas decorations, she is unassuming, easy going and totally solid. She is a big cooler than me and seems constantly bemused by my antics. Molly lets me fly high like a kite, excited about life and my trees, now and again, when needed, she brings me back down to ground.

Molly lives with her brother Timmy Tinsel and their parents but loves hanging out at my house. We laugh A LOT! True friendships are very precious, what lucky girls we are!

Timmy Tinsel

This is Timmy Tinsel, he is Molly Mistetoe’s younger brother and oh so naughty! Timmy likes to turn the Christmas tree lights off at a time when nobody is expecting it and hide all the Christmas decorations that Molly makes in his tree house.

For all his mischievous ways though, he is very lovable and we all adore him. He has travel in his blood as their Father is Kenyan and he longs to come with me on my adventures, instead he looks after Digger. We make quite an awesome trio and I feel lucky to know them.


Introducing Digger. Oh Digger, he is my pet Springer Spaniel and totally devoted to me. I know he misses me terribly when I go away but he’d be a nightmare if he came as he gets air-sick in the flying greenhouse. Digger is very nervous about life, he didn’t have a great start until I rescued him, however when he is digging holes in my garden to plant the pot grown trees then I can tell that he feels he has found his purpose, he can dig for hours!

I love him to bits and we have a wonderful partnership, working together to grow the trees whilst hanging out and having fun together.